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Our Location:
5-20 Hartley Pl
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

Open 12pm-6pm Mon-Sat / Closed Sunday
  • Build A Complete Longboard
  • Get Personalized Recommendations

Longboarders, fatten your quiver. We’ve got your longboard store! We’re not talking about a skate shop with a few longboard parts and decks stashed around, but a true longboard store dedicated to longboards and only longboards.

Once you’ve cruised around a couple times on a longboard, well, you know ... there really aren’t any words to describe the almost effortless glide down the road, not to mention the attention it attracts. So there you are, carving intensely towards your destination, when one of your wheels splits or your trucks break, or your bushings just aren't giving you that ride you crave. And there’s nowhere near you that will have a decent set of hardware or even a complete new board.

If you want to buy a complete longboard, longboard trucks, longboard wheels … NYC Longboards can hook it up. NYC Longboards stocks a great selection of complete longboards, longboard decks, longboard trucks, longboard wheels, and parts for longboards, like bearings, spacers, grip tape, gloves, and snow gear. And of everything we stock, they’re all from top longboard brands, such as …

Earthwing Longboards, Landyachtz Longboards, Rayne Longboards, Original Longboards, Gravity Longboards, Holesom Longboards, and more.

Our trucks, wheels, bearings, and other parts and accessories come from leading brands including Bear, Gunmetal, Independent, Munkae, Original, Paris, Randal, Tracker, Abec 11, Earthwing, Gravity, Cadillac, Cult, Landyachtz, Retro, Sector 9, Fireball

So check out NYC Longboards. We’re just a bunch of skaters who love to talk longboards, and we’re stoked to have a place to get our longboard gear.